2011 – Inaugural World Peace Festival in Berlin: “The most influential peace gathering in history!” (Desmond Tutu)

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  • June 28, 2015
WPF-Berlin-2.-option21_v2 Announcement Date: June 28, 2011

For the inaugural World Peace Festival in Berlin in August 2011, Tom Oliver managed to successfully unite – for the first time in history – global leaders from areas as diverse as the military, peace, business, film, philanthropy, media, Silicon Valley, politics, the arts, finance and the UN to put together and address a holistic and sustainable global peace agenda involving all stakeholders. The WPF lasted for over a week comprising art and cultural exhibitions, film festivals and conferences. It garnered fantastic media support from leading German publications such as “Die Welt” and “Capital”, the most powerful blogs in the world such as the “Huffington Post” and international media such as BBC. UN ambassadors from different regions in the world submitted the outcome of the WPF conference as an official contribution to the UN General Assembly in September 2011.

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