GPBS – Establish a Global Forum on Multi-stakeholder Engagement on Peacebuilding


The world lacks an overall systems approach to peacebuilding – one that includes all stakeholders and addresses the capacities, tools, structures, and institutions needed to build sustainable peace.

A structured international Engagement among stakeholders on key Peacebuilding issues, is rarely taking place in the field of Peacebuilding. Rather, Governments, civil society, UN agencies, and the military are mainly working within their own constituencies and cultures. Therefore, a Global Forum of this nature is relevant and timely.

Conflicts, multi-facetted as they are, need input from different stakeholders, with complementary skills and from different perspectives. The Global Forum will provide an opportunity for these exchanges of input and perspectives.

We propose the establishment of a Global Forum that will regularly organise, perhaps on a yearly basis, a Multi-stakeholder Engagement on Peacebuilding among the different stakeholders working on the main peacebuilding issues.

Such an Engagement would:

• set and prioritise the agenda for the field;

• exchange experiences and learn from each other;

• develop specific programmes cooperatively; and

• plan for implementation and outreach to a broader public.

Projected outcome

To establish a Global Forum that will hold regular Multi-stakeholder Engagements on key issues related to Peacebuilding.

Project leader

Paul Van Tongeren, former convenor of the Global Partnership for the Prevention of Armed Conflict (GPPAC), established in 2003, assisted by Mohamed Daghar.