WPF Timeline

2009-2011 The Global Peace Building Strategy (GPBS)


The Global Peace Building Strategy is unprecedented. Until now the world has had no method that systematically deals with violent conflict. To fill this void, experienced peace builders from across… Read more

2011 – Pre opening of the Inaugural World Peace Foundation Festival in Berlin


Pre opening of the Inaugural World Peace Foundation Festival in Berlin by Donna Karan, Hollywood actor Hugh Jackman and Russell James with the Nomad Two Worlds exhibition in Berlin Read… Read more

2011 – Inaugural World Peace Festival in Berlin: “The most influential peace gathering in history!” (Desmond Tutu)


For the inaugural World Peace Festival in Berlin in August 2011, Tom Oliver managed to successfully unite – for the first time in history – global leaders from areas as… Read more

2011 Global Leadership Circle at the Manchester Business School


Founded by Tom Oliver in 2011 and set up in close cooperation with the Director of the MBA Program at Manchester Business School, the Global Leadership Circle serves to instill… Read more

2013 Largest World Peace event for students in history in Mumbai, India, with over 10,000 students from over 10 countries

India event

In the great spirit of peace making, the World Peace Foundation continues to move forward. 10 000 of the brightest and most talented students from around the world and over… Read more

2013 – 10th Anniversary of Human Rights Conference at Northwestern University, Chicago, U.S.A.


As Founder and Chair of the Global Leadership Circle at the Manchester Business School, Tom has been mentoring and preparing the next generation of business leaders from over 32 countries… Read more

2013 Eco Entrepreneur Summit for the Best Eco Entrepreneurs from North & South America

Eco Entrepreneur

The Eco Entrepreneur Summit convenes the best entrepreneurs from North and South America in a unique initiative focused on sustainability an ethically responsible leadership. Our chairman Tom Oliver’s keynote and… Read more

2014 Rising Angels Project India

Rising Angels India

In partnership with the award-winning National Education Society of India (NES) and with support of the book publication “Nothing is Impos sible” by our Founder Tom Oliver, published in the… Read more

2014 Rising Angels Project Kenya


Based on our acclaimed publication Tools For Peace publication that was endorsed by Chade Meng Tan from Google, Jochen Zeitz CEO of Puma and the Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Desmond… Read more

2015 World Business Dialogue

WBD Tom Oliver2

As Michael Bloomberg and Bill Gates before, our Chairman Tom Oliver delivered the opening keynote at the World Business Dialogue in Cologne, Germany, to standing ovations. This year’s topic was… Read more

2015 Edward Elgar Encyclopedia of Global Environmental Politics and Governance

Our chairman Tom Oliver is contributing author to the forthcoming Edward Elgar Encyclopedia of Global Environmental Politics and Governance. His contribution focuses on individuals and social entrepreneurs. In the words… Read more

2015 Rising Angels Projects Rwanda

Rising angels Rwanda Africa - photo 1

In partnership with AICP The Institute for Conflict Transformation and Peace building (AICP) we are engaged in conflict transformation and peacebuilding in Rwanda and across Africa. Our main focus areas… Read more

2015 Kabul – WPF International Day of Peace Celebration


In this event we had more then 500 hundred audience 100 street children, of VIP Guests were there such as Deputy Minister of Youths, Deputy Minister of Higher Educations and… Read more

August 2015 – Celebration of International Youth Day in Kabul


In our caravan, we are willing to influence especially youth as extensive as possible. It can involve students and employer youth of Kabul especially the youth who are open to influence which… Read more

2016 Peace Pods – Connecting Peace Projects around the world

Peace Pods

In partnership with the NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands, and our global volunteer network This is a research report commissioned by the World Peace Foundation who wanted to… Read more

2017 Uganda Children Workshops for conflict prevention and conflict resolution


Based on our acclaimed “Tools for Peace” book that was published with endorsements from Google, Puma’s CEO Jochen Zeitz and Nobel peace Prize Laureate Desmond Tutu, our WPF tea in… Read more

2018 Rising Angels Philippines


As a tumultuous global 2018 draws to a close, we reflect on our continued focus on empowering and supporting children around the world over the last years: Our World Peace… Read more